Product size of 1 pair 9,5 x 2,5 cm


SP packaging

100 pairs together in 1 PE bag

IP1 packaging

1 pair packed individually in 1 PP bag

IP2 packaging

2 pairs packed in 1 PP bag

IP2 Plus packaging

2 pairs packed in 1 PP bag, with customized papercard

PR packaging

PR packaging is designed and produced according customers graphics. One package consists of the customer promotional/marketing card CMYK 4/4 and one or more pairs of the stickers on face, everything packed in one plastic bag.

BT packaging

Bottle tag with customised print CMYK 4, together with 1 pair of face stickers (stickers in PP bag).

MP packaging

Retail package consists of two pairs of stickers in PP bag with EU hanger and information sheet with EAN code.



Instructions for use

Simply peel and stick the product on the face. You have to apply products on dry skin. After the event you just peel the stickers off. Once applied, DO NOT readjust.