Face stickers

Our company ArtForFans offers you new, exciting product, for your promotion or marketing or any other business activities. The products are special, very attractive face stickers, which are able to be used for many different occasions.

New marketing opportunities

It is a new marketing tool for everybody, with a high creativity, a great graphic’s possibilities and a flexibility of usage.

Significant, new product on the market

The stickers, thanks to their placement on the face, have outstanding visibility and impact.

The presentation of your brand, products or service

If you want to “give away” or sell an attractive merchandising product – you only have to let us know and we will produce the stickers with your own logo or colours and a new product is ready for you to use it. And you will not miss opportunity to activate people with selfies on social media.

Easy to use

The main advantage, which all of the users appreciate, is how simply and quickly you can place the stickers on your face and then take them off after the event as well. Forget unconvinient tattoos or ugly paintings.

Promotional/Marketing package

This combination of the promotional/marketing card plus the face stickers in one package multiply marketing impact. The promotional/marketing card with your text, pictures, and graphics delivers all important information. Thanks of the attachment of the face sticker also make immediate positive impression to everybody. This product multiplies several times the final accomplishment of any of your marketing activities and campaigns.

An opportunity for everyone

The face stickers themselves, or promotional/marketing package – offer an inexhaustible amount of possibilities of usage. These possibilities are even bigger, because of the visibility of the sticker, its attractiveness and simple way to use it. This is why people look for the stickers on face and wear them everywhere anytime.

Ideas for you

How the stickers can be used for promotions or marketing activities:

  • Flags - “We cheer all…”, “We cheer together…”, “We cheer with you…”, support of favorite club, support of National team
  • Selling events – for advertizing of your products, your brand entity, your services, sport stores, stores chains and networks
  • Campaigns – “Right now…”, “Right here…”, “We begin…”
  • Sponsor – relationship between club and sponsor, sport and sponsor, event and sponsor
  • Fans - club logos, club colors
  • Logos - of your company, of your organization, of your club